My Curves Myself

by Shaunequa Brathwaite | in The Tell All, Underwear

First things first: I love my body, so if you think this will be an obscene, anti-body, stick-thin-is-in manifesto, think again. But-I have had a bone to pick (or fatty tissue issue) with my curves from time to time. I’m not going to go all “Freudian” and blame my parents (or even a misogynist society), though I will say I had a pretty jacked up view of my body during certain stages of my life.

The polar opposite of the maternal side of my family’s thin build, my “busty” top and “heavy butt” were a constant topic for them. My curves were especially accentuated because I was always pretty slim. But even the folks who blessed me genetically (my dad’s side of the family) made incessant jokes about my developing figure. Always super fun for a pre-teen who on a typical day already feels like hiding under a rock. That along with the Kate Moss, late 90’s, androgynous model look, gave me all the makings of a self-effacing young woman.

And I was held there for quite some time, totally ignoring friends (and strangers) who told me they’d love to have my shape. I longed to wear halter tops, bandeau bras, and clingy jersey dresses that either didn’t work on my frame or (gasp) accentuated it.

If I could, I’d give the younger, self-doubting me a big ol’ hug and a “good game” pat on the booty. I would tell her to listen to what mom said once about boys who teased me. She would say, “they are making fun of you now, but soon they’re going to love it”.

She was right. But more importantly, now I love it. And that’s what really counts. I won’t lie though; proving the naysayers wrong is pretty-darn priceless.

Bra and panty image from Curvy Kate

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