My Guy Has Lucky Pants

by Lovely Girl | in The Tell All, Underwear

I have a secret to share. My boyfriend has “lucky pants”. When he wears these certain underwear, he thinks it’s going to be his “lucky” day. It just so happens his lucky pants are actually four-leaf clover covered boxers from Lucky Brand. How ironic, I know.

As I’ve joked with other women about this, I’ve found out that their boyfriends and husbands also have lucky pants. One very khaki and Polo-shirt wearing husband has boxers with skulls and crossbones. They were purchased as a bit of a joke, but turns out they are his favorites. A co-worker told me about the briefs her husband wears that actually make his package look a bit more well-endowed. I’ve since been surprised to hear about other favorites, and embarrassed that I now know about every man’s underwear.

The reason most of us even know that these are the lucky pants, is because they come through the laundry more than any others. I’ve now bought about 10 pair of the Lucky Brand underwear, so my boyfriend should be feeling pretty great just about every day.

Ladies, I challenge you. Go and buy your guy some new drawers. Pick something funny and totally out of character. Maybe he’ll like the Beautiful Death boxer by Ed Hardy , a neon boxer brief from Calvin Klein, or a Shock-Jock trunk from Andrew Christian . You never know! When they come through the laundry, you’ll get a good laugh. My friend has the skull and crossbones in the dryer as we speak.



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