My Pregnancy Boobs

by Sabina Melarti | in Bra, The Tell All

Some may say that one of the “perks” of being pregnant is the instant breast augmentation. As your belly grows, so do your boobs. This much coveted size increase is warmly welcomed by most, but what happens when your perfect 34C breasts increase to D, then DD, then E, and gasp…F?

You spent years upon years trying to find the perfect bra for the breasts you were born with, and now, nearly overnight, your breasts are changing at an alarming rate. By the time you find a bra that fits, chances are you’ve grown a size and need to yet again go shopping. How do you perfect in an instant what you spent years trying to achieve? The simplest answer: get fitted and consult the experts!

Specialized maternity boutiques such as A Pea in the Pod have amazingly educated consultants who know everything there is to know about pregnant and post-partum boobs. They will tell you things about your boobs you never even knew! If you don’t have a maternity store in your area, don’t fret. Try to find the nearest lingerie specialist; most are very knowledgeable and have a fit-expert on hand that can help with maternity bras.

Online intimate apparel retailers such as BareNecessities and Journelle are very helpful and often carry a much wider selection of bras and sizes (t-shirt, sexy, sleeping, or nursing bras galore) than stores generally do. They have customer service specialists who can walk you through step-by-step measuring sessions so that you may size yourself in the privacy of your own home should you prefer not to get poked by a stranger during this fragile time.

The bottom line is, don’t let your growing breasts defeat you. You are not the first woman whose breasts have grown at Olympic speed. Find a specialist and ask for guidance. They have done this before! And get a few well-fitting bras that will last you through multiple stages of pregnancy. Just make sure you take care of it before it’s time for the next one! When that happens, just rinse and repeat.

Sabina Melarti is the co-founder and designer of BLANQI along with Valerie Caron.

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