New Year, New You! A Challenge from Jenny.

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

Be beautiful and challenge yourself to try new bras and panties in 2012Congrats! You made it to 2012!

In light of the New Year, we want to change things up a bit and challenge you, our reader, to do some crazy things for this year. We won’t ask you to do anything insane…although some of you might think cleaning out your underwear drawer is just that. We know most of you ladies take time to focus on boyfriends, husbands, kids and parents-so let’s make this year just a little about you!

During this month, I’m going to ask you to try a few things for me. Let’s start with cleaning out your drawers (and maybe even getting rid of the bra you wore on a first date with Mr Fab 10 years ago), accepting your real size and body shape, trying out some new underwear (I know a THONG may sound crazy!) and figuring out what bra size you really do wear (it’s not a sin to be larger than a D).

As the Fashion Editor at Oprah for many years, I spent a lot of time doing makeovers on women. While we were in the changing room, they would whisper secret thoughts to me about having just lost weight, just gotten divorced, just having a baby-things that have affected their bodies and well being. They quietly told me things they felt they couldn’t share with even their closest friends. Well, we’re sharing them all here! Get ready to challenge yourself. It’s time for a change.

You can do these mini-makeovers at home and nobody will ever need to know. Kind of like when you’re in a fitting room and you have to decide between the size that used to fit you and the size you are now….which one do you choose? Nobody will ever see the size. So I say seize the day-and cut those damned tags out! Let’s start fresh, because after all, it’s a new year and I see a new you!

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