Does Your Underwear Drawer Need a Makeover?

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

As part of my New Year, New You challenge…I have a big one that I don’t know if you can handle. Tell me when (honestly) is the last time you cleaned out your underwear/bra drawer?

From time to time, I admit, I have also fallen victim to the dreaded lingerie drawer. There are old sizes you wish you were again. There are gorgeous lingerie pieces you wore on special occasions. There might even be some beautiful gifts you received (if you were lucky enough to have one of those boyfriends with good taste). Regardless-look at the drawer and admit you only wear the things that are on top (and recently out of the laundry). When is the last time you wore the others?

So why do we keep these things? I suppose we’re sentimental or attached or maybe have a small hoarder hiding out inside of us?

Here is my challenge to you: on your next quiet morning, when the kids are asleep or when you are lucky to have the bedroom to yourself, clean out the drawer. Dump it all on your bed and start organizing. Do a try on in front of the mirror (don’t worry, nobody judges you when you’re alone). Make three groups. Start with what truly fits you and works with your life, what could potentially (one day soon) fit and be worn, and what will sadly never be worn again (the shredded bras and panties go in this category!). Group three gets thrown away immediately. Go now to the trash before you read any further.

Group two makes it to the back of the drawer, but not forever. This group needs a revise in another 2-3 months and if it has still been untouched, rethink moving items into group three. Group one gets the drawer space.

We have so little room for what we do need in life, that why should be wasting space on hopes and dreams from the past. Start new here. Make the space so that just like in your hearts and brains, when something new and fun comes along, there will be room for it. New lingerie replaces old. New boyfriends replace old memories. New sizes replace old ones. Think about how good you will feel each morning when you slide open that drawer and see the new beauties you bought this weekend (like the ones above from Huit). The lingerie that fits you well and makes you look fabulous!

Get ready to go shopping, and let me know if you need any suggestions!

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