The New Year’s Emergency Kit

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As a fashion stylist, women always ask me what they need to have with them for last minute fashion emergencies. For New Year’s it’s especially important to pick the right purse and fill it with the key items you’ll be needing.

Nobody wants to carry a big purse on New Year’s so pick a clutch that is fashionable and functional. Pick one that is soft and roomy with pockets and zippers for organization. A strap is also important since as the night goes on, and the drinking continues, you can strap it on to make sure you go home with it! Accessorize with this Marc by Marc Jacobs purse for all of those reasons.

Here’s what you need to fill the purse with:

* Double stick tape by Her Look is the solution for last minute hem fall-outs or button pop-offs.

* A stain removing pen by Hollywood Fashion Secrets for when your friend spills that drink on your top.

* Bandaids are a always a staple in my bag. You may need them for a killer blister, or to cover up an itchy tag you forgot to cut out of your new dress.

* Nipple concealers by Pure Style Girlfriends-very important and you never know when you’ll need these.

* Extra undies, in case you need to do a quick-change out of your shapewear. A Hanky Panky Thong is tiny and will look like candy in your purse

* Comfy roll-up shoes by FootzyRolls for the long walk home, when heels are just too much of a challenge


And a few stylist tricks not to forget:

Make sure you are good to go before you leave the house. That means looking at your butt in the mirror to make sure you don’t have any underwear faux-pas going on. Check your boobs under the bathroom light and make sure there’s no show through. And if you’re wearing new shoes, make sure you scratch them up a bit on the sidewalk before heading out so they aren’t too slippery!

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