No More VPL

by Lovely Girl | in The Tell All, Underwear

If you didn’t get the memo, VPL means Visible Panty Lines. And if you take a look at your butt in the mirror right now and have any, please keep reading.

There used to be a time when panty lines were common, but with all of the technology on the market today, there’s no excuse. Whether you prefer thongs or bikinis, let’s band together and eradicate a world with VPL forever!

The answer is seamless. There are a lot of brands that call themselves seamless, but aren’t really 100% seamless. Look for something elastic-free and laser cut. It should be 100% flat around the waistband and top of the leg. If they have any seam at all, the back seam is best as it usually matches the seam in your pants or skirt keeping the panties invisible on the front or the sides. The less seams, the less chance for panty lines whatsoever.

Commando kicked off the laser-cut panty party. They offer thongs, bikinis and shorts in a cotton or micro-fiber fabric that is laser cut on all edges. The colors and patterns are gorgeous giving you the option to wear underwear that is fashionable and functional.

Calvin Klein’s Invisibles are flat and super smooth. Their “second skin” fit eliminates panty lines and come in basic, neutral colors. Very well-priced, they make it easy for everyone to be panty-line-free.

Simone Perele’s Invisi’bulles offer a lightweight seamless panty in an ultra-fine, soft fabric. This is a luxe seamless option that comes in four styles from control brief to thong.

You still need to do a quick butt-check each morning before leaving the house, but at least you don’t have to worry about finding VPL when you see your reflection!

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