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by Sarah Conley | in The Tell All, Underwear

I realize that I don’t frequently discuss the more private side of fashion, but when it comes to living life On The Plus Side, your breasts are often the topic of conversation (as well as stain attractors, food catchers and often the objects of accidental grazing). For years, my breasts were subjected to horrible torture. From bras that didn’t fit properly, to those not up to the challenge, to broken underwires – the list goes on (and on). Once I met with the fit team from Elomi, my whole outlook on bras changed. Why yes, it is possible for a bra to actually fit. Shocking, I know.

Even since my first life changing fit experience with Elomi’s team, I’ll admit that I’ve cheated. I’ve strayed, looking for other options. Of course I was left disappointed, embarrassed in some instances, and completely certain that no on understands my breasts better. Now we’re in a monogamous relationship, and I couldn’t be happier.

While not every style will work for every body type, I certainly have a few favorites. My first love was the Cleo, a gorgeous floral embroidered style that has quite literally withstood the test of time. I’m pretty sure that this bra could be run over and would keep on kicking (not that I recommend running it over). For the times that I’m feeling a little royal, I love the Lara. The details remind me of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character’s room in Cruel Intentions (in the best way). And then there is the Sakura, which makes all of my Dita von Teese-esq dreams come true.

Of course, all of the styles I love are coming in gorgeous new fabrications for fall. If you have an appreciation for good lingerie, I encourage you to click through Elomi’s Fall 2011 Latest Collection.

Sarah Conley is the founder of StyleITOnline.

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