Plus Size IS Fashionable

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

Lane Bryant, always one to push the envelope when it comes to what’s appropriate in the world of plus size, has done it again. Their new “T3 Campaign” shows five stunning models (including the favorite Ashley Graham) topless, wearing only their Lane Bryant jeans. This may cause some serious head-turning, eye rolling or jaw dropping, but these ladies look gorgeous! They aren’t showing anything more than Brooke Shields did for Calvin Klein some 30 years ago. Every single Dolce & Gabbana ad reads more “sexy” than this. Yet, because the ladies are plus size, they seem to be causing quite a stir.

I LOVE it! I love that these models are beautiful, happy, and curvy. I love that these women look empowered in their jeans. Best of all, these five women look like they actually get along (when is the last time you saw something like that after all of the angry Housewife promos?)!

This ad hopes to change the perception that curves can’t be sexy and encourage women to flaunt their curvy assets. It is out just in time for Love Your Body Day which is October 19th. To celebrate it in a big way, Lane Bryant is hosting a huge event at their Culver City store on October 21st which will feature discount shopping while drinking “Lanetinis”, dancing to a live deejay and entering to win their $500 gift card giveaway.

Ladies (and gents), I think it’s time we start encouraging each other to just look and feel good in our clothes, regardless of size. We would all feel happier, closer and more bonded as people if we would stop judging based on size alone. Let’s judge on things that really matter- like spirit, generosity and warmth. Let’s take Love Your Body Day to mean something, and love yourself; whether you are a size 2 or a size 20.

Thank you, Lane Bryant. We give you our “stamp of approval”. Keep the positive plus-size thoughts coming!

Image provided by Lane Bryant

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