The Great Deflate

by Sabina Melarti | in Bra, The Tell All

Unless you’ve had a mommy makeover (plastic surgery) or you’ve been blessed like Gisele Bündchen, chances are your boobs look a bit sad since giving birth. Referred to by some as the “Great Deflate”, this volume loss, although widely believed to be a side effect of breastfeeding, is simply the cause of rapid weight gain followed by rapid loss. You’re not quite as perky as you used to be, and all of your beautiful not-so-supportive bras just aren’t cutting it anymore.

What you need is a good ole’ pick-me-up. There’s an endless array of amazing problem-solving bras out there just waiting to come to the rescue – it’s just a matter of finding the one that’s right for you and your new shape! Get out there, have fun with it, and try on a little bit of everything. There is padded (water filled, gel filled, just plain padded), molded and major wire uplift. If you’re unsure of your size, ask one of the fit experts to help you – you might be surprised at what you find out!

Bottom line is that if you’re not quite ready for that surgical mommy makeover, a good push-up bra will do wonders for your silhouette and give your confidence a little ‘lift”.

Jenny recommends the Panache Atlantis Eva Wire-free Bra (shown above). It gives major lift while being wire-free and very lightweight.

Sabina Melarti is the co-founder and designer of BLANQI along with Valerie Caron.

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