Push Up the Girls This Weekend!

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

Push up bras are back in a big way this year. And not just for the Jersey Shore crowd…the new crop of push up bras are lightweight, not filled with liquid, and cost less than $50. Now that’s what I call a cheap option to plastic surgery!

I had lunch with a very conservative friend of mine who asked, in confidence, for suggestions with push up bras. Turns out she spends her weekends with a few girlfriends who shed their work looks and get a little sexed up for their nights out. I was surprised that she asked me this, but was happy to give her some answers! Why not bring out the weekend girls?

With so many on the market, ranging in push up capability, you can decide how voluptuous you would like to look. For just a little bump, I like the On Gossamer Bump It Up Bra. It very naturally adds volume from beneath and about half a size to a size in the cup depending on how you wear it (you can twist in the middle for extra lift).

For more oomph, I love the Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Add A Size Push Up Bra. This brings you up a full cup size plus comes with removable inserts to go up an additional half size.

To really WOW your friends (and get the feeling of temporary, yet cheap and non-problematic implants), try the Wonderbra Wonderboost Bra shown in our after picture. It brought our 34B model to a 34 OMG! For $32, what better way to try a new look and have some fun.

Come Friday night I know you all put on a little extra makeup and usually some heels, so why not try weekend breasts?



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