Swim Tips for All Body Shapes

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All


It’s almost swim season (whoo-hoo!) and I want to make your swim shopping experience as stress-free as possible. Quick tips and tricks to find your best swim style:

1-Shop confident-Shopping for a swimsuit should be a fun, exciting, shopping experience. Shop for swim when you are feeling good, and remember, your swimsuit is an expression of who you are. You should feel confident in the style, size, and print you choose!

2-Shop your right size-You will always look better, slimmer, and more confident in the right size (even if it’s a size larger than what you want to be wearing). Size is just a number! Forget about what that little tag says and choose the size suit you feel best in.

3-Shop your right style-Not every style works best for every body type. Know your body and learn what makes you look and feel your best.

Want to know which swim styles are best for your body type? Read the full post on the Aerie blog.

(Image and swimsuits from Aerie)

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