In Need of a Sports Bra!?!

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There I was in Central Park trying to enjoy a leisurely run when I spotted it out of nowhere. There it appeared without warning, but was steadily accelerating in my direction. I tried to politely divert my eyes and find something else of interest, but I was helplessly drawn back as she briskly ran past me. I felt like one of those creepy men that blatantly stare at women’s chests when passing them on the street.

The young women looked to be in her late twenties and I am sure she thought she was a doing something healthy for her body by going on a run, BUT the problem I so visibly saw was her breasts bouncing east-to-west, up-and-down and all around. I wondered how she didn’t find this constant bouncing distracting or uncomfortable- it looked painful and I don’t want to witness it again! I faintly saw what looked like the outline of a flimsy sports bra, but she might as well not have worn one at all. It wasn’t that she had an overly ample bustline. She might have been a D-cup at most which, by the way, is a fairly average size these days.

Now before you brand me a “mean girl”, it’s important to understand my intention. Ever since I started working in intimate apparel, I have found myself compulsively analyzing women’s breasts. I know! It is a terrible habit of mine, but one that I see is so widely needed.

I’m sharing this story not to embarrass this woman, but to educate ALL women of the importance of wearing a supportive bra and in this case a proper sports bra. Every woman must know it is imperative to wear a good supportive sports bra when working out- whether you are going to an aerobics class, playing tennis or even on a brisk walk. It doesn’t matter if you are an A-cup or K-cup. A supportive sports bra is one that limits the amount of movement your breast encounter when you are in motion. Wearing the wrong sports bra can lead to discomfort and cause the breast tissue to stretch leading to saggy, sad boobs and no one wants those! The only way to correct stretched tissue is through plastic surgery which is uncomfortable and expensive to say the least- ouch for my body and wallet!

That is why prevention is key. Take the small and relatively inexpensive step of protecting your breasts now by wearing under garments that give them ample support and minimize bounce. I will leave you with my parting recommendations. A sports bra is an essential item in any fitness wardrobe.

For B-DD cup women, I recommend the Max Out sports bra by Bendon Sport (seen above). I wear it myself and really love its convertible strap options and foam covered underwire which offers cushioned comfort and support. Bendon Sport also makes a specialized version for fuller busted women (DD to G cup) called Extreme Out.

I’ve also heard wonderful things about the Panache Maximum Control Ultimate Underwire which encapsulates each breast individually, providing greater support for large busted women.

written by Robin McCoy, lingerie expert


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