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I have loved to travel since I was a little girl. I embrace being in a new city where my 5 senses are awakened. Since I am a visual person, I am intrigued by what I see the most. The architecture, the people, the interior designs of the shops as well as the merchandise provide me with a sense of the lifestyle of the local people.

Last year, I decided to visit Denmark, which is well known for its design aesthetic. I visited Copenhagen in March. When I exited the plane, I thought that the airport resembled a boutique hotel lobby with dark wood floors and brushed chrome railing. My hotel lobby was no less than a modern furniture shop in the interior district in Manhattan. I found many “concept boutiques” that incorporate women’s apparel with lifestyle objects and home furnishings. The result is utterly refreshing.

My three-day visit inspired me to develop a new collection that is dedicated to lifestyle – called HOME. HOME offers a range of Nordic neutral colors: oyster, sable, black and white using a fabric made from a new fiber called Miyabe™. This new fabric is ultra soft, easy to care for and does not pill. HOME collection styling is minimal with subtle details. Each style makes the woman feel at ease and look effortlessly stylish. I observed that the Danish women of all ages carry themselves with elegance and are always at ease. I finally understand how the “happiest people in the world” (Gallup survey) live, dress and interact. Maybe I should call my HOME collection, the HAPPY collection.

by Samantha Chang, Designer

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