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Body Accesories to help get you through the holidays seamlessly

There are some amazing little fashion tricks I used to use as a celebrity fashion stylist. A lot of them come in the forms of stick-on products, like nipple covers, fashion tape and bras. These are great products to keep in your arsenal. Some of them should be in your desk or purse at all times. You just never know when your hem will fall out, your button will pop, or your nipples will stand at full attention!

1-Low Beams from Commando are the perfect nipple concealers. I always take them with me on trips, and keep them in my purse for a night out. They stick on very easily, don’t show from the outside of your clothing, and peel off painlessly.

2- A lot of people sell “fashion tape” but Matchsticks by¬†Commando come in a great little concealed package. They are easy to use, and safe to adhere to your clothing or skin.

3-The best backless bra I have found, the Very Bare from Sassybax has a great, reusable adhesive that lasts through many formal events. (featured above)

4-These Pick-Me-Ups from Pure Style Girlfriends are amazing to give your breasts some “lift”. They go on very easily and really do serious lifting in just a small bit of product. The adhesion goes around the nipple, so you don’t have to worry about nipple irritation.

5-Garment Shields from Hollywood Fashion Secrets help maintain the time between dry cleaning your garments since it blocks the sweat stains (and deodorant stains) from getting through. Who wants to see a woman with pit stains anyway?

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