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ILOVEAGOOD…summer wardrobe that’s colorful, light and airy.  Lightweight fabrics like these gorgeous jerseys from Rachel Pally are perfect for this time of the year.   Jerseys are great since they are lightweight, wash well and travel easily. The only problem is they bring out the inevitable summer problem-PANTY LINES. So many women tell me that’s the reason why they shy away from these fabrics.

My solution to women everywhere: go Commando.

For those of you that think I just told you not to wear underwear, you’re kind of right.  Commando thongs feel like next to nothing. Even better, they look like nothing from the outside.  The raw edge and lightweight fabric is the secret to seamless style.  Commando thongs have been the passport to some of my favorite oh-so-unforgiving skirts already this season.  Don’t let the raw edge fool you, these undies are perfection!


Not so much a thong kind of girl?  You’re not alone.  Many women prefer a little more coverage, especially under their summer dresses.  You can opt for their bikini or girl short in microfiber or cotton. Commando also introduced their new shaping collection. Not only will they give you a panty line-free bum, but an extra little tuck in the tummy area.  Let this shaping short get you into your favorite maxi dresses this summer and feel great while you’re in them!

If you have been holding onto a skirt or dress you love because you hadn’t quite figured out what to wear under it, this is your ticket.    And if you haven’t bought that dress yet that you’ve been eye balling… buy the dress!  We’re going to want to see pics of you twirling in the summer breeze, please!   xo

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