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I love this little man more than life itself, but I will be the first to admit he was a total “mojo” stealer.  The weeks and months after his birth, I was a total mess.  It takes some serious work and commitment to regain your confidence after birth.  The mini-mister turned two just a few days ago and I finally feel like I have my sexy back.

I started my blog, ThirtySomethingFashion, as a new mom who had just turned thirty determined NOT to dress exclusively in yoga gear.  I wanted to share my experiences, tips and recommendations on becoming my most fashionable and confident self, after the huge life changer of becoming a mom.  About six months ago, I decided to totally overhaul my lingerie drawer.  I tossed the old full-bottomed post-birth underwear, the milk stained sports bras and anything that just wasn’t pretty.  What was left? Not much. Sure, I had thongs and bras that I wore on the daily, but nothing that made me feel sexy and fabulous.  With a scarce drawer of unmentionables, I did what any girl in this situation would do, I went shopping!

No woman’s breasts are the same after birth. Whether you nurse or not, your breasts have fluctuated in size for the past year.  Since my breasts are small, I really relished in the larger size during pregnancy.  When they deflated back to normal, I was slightly depressed about it.

I turned to my hands down, now favorite bra, the Victoria’s Secret Gel Push Up Bra. It pushes me up and gives me killer cleavage.  I have this bra in three colors and feel like a million bucks when I wear it!

I also went to Victoria’s Secret for great panties, in particular the Cheeky Panty. I purchased twelve pairs of these. What I love most is that they are super sexy but also have decent coverage.  They are not a full-on thong and the rise is a little higher in the front.  I had a c-section, so I am self-conscious about my scar. I like panties that give me coverage over the scar, but I am not willing to go to a full scale “grandma” panty. This is the perfect sexy compromise.

Last, but certainly not least, I am completely smitten with Commando. I have worn this brand and style of underwear both pre and post birth.  The comfort is truly unbelievable.  The panty just “sits” on your body leaving you with zero pantylines.  They are so comfortable and lightweight, sometimes I forget I have underwear on.  Seriously.

I am a firm believer in carving out time for you and your significant other, even with a newborn or toddler ruling your world.  These are my picks for the underwear to do it in.  So, get to it ladies!   Clean out that lingerie drawer, purchase some new intimates, and retrieve your sexy!

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