Even Skinny Girls Need Shapewear

by Rachel Felder | in Solutions, The Tell All

Shapewear built inside apparel from Yummie Tummie by Heather ThomsonYes, I am indeed a size zero — even a 00 sometimes — but if you think that means my figure’s model-perfect, think again. Underneath all those extra-small designer dresses there’s usually a secret: body shaping shapewear, also in a tiny size, happily, furtively doing its trick.

What’s it helping with? Some hippy curves that are a bit too curvy, plus a little belly that seems to appear mostly around the holidays, date nights, and anytime I want to wear my favorite, possibly-too-clingy Helmut Lang dress. Admittedly, I don’t need extra control items — and shapewear tops are too flattening on my already petite chest — but I’m addicted to Spanx’s fishnets, topped with a lightish version of their ubiquitous slenderizer, particularly in the delicate micronet version that looks sophisticated enough to be Fogal or Wolford (and are much less snaggable than traditional sheer tights, and a lot more sexy too.)

Although I’ve gotten in the habit of slipping on some slimming underwear for a special occasion, I also wear shapewear clothing a lot during the daytime. Yummie Tummie’s black pencil skirt, for example, has basically become my uniform: it’s simply a neutral staple that gives me that extra bit of anti-bulge confidence. I also love Yummie’s black leggings, which I wear on airplanes. They’re light enough to be comfy on even a long haul trip, but keep my stomach looking flat every time I need to use the overhead bin and my tee-shirt inevitably rides up mid-reach.

Sure, it’s not easy getting sympathy for figure flaws when you’re a size 0, but — thanks to all this shapewear — no one actually needs to know I have them.

Yummie Tummie Corinne Skirt featured above.

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