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Appearing on camera can sometimes be a tricky business — you’ve literally got to be all strapped in, taped up and ready to go so that when the sound guy tries to mic you up, your bra isn’t moving somewhere it shouldn’t be, and if you have to end up pulling up your skirt up in front of twenty people backstage at Nate Berkus (yes that was me) to try and fit the mic in your Spanx, you won’t be flashing anyone unnecessarily.

I am absolutely obsessed with foundation garments and there are SO many great ones out there today.

 Here are some of my fave tricks for on-camera appearances:

SPANX Higher Power is a 
MUST-HAVE.  These things make you invincible and offer complete coverage.  Buy them in black for any dark colors and you will be completely covered.

Mary Green’s Silk Half Slip is 
hands down the very best slip for adding a nice layer under skirts and a great layer over Spanx. I have worn mine out time and again.

The Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Full Slip. 
Buy this in nude and you will not regret it. I wear it for everything from under dresses, to under skirt/dress combinations – gives a great smoothing effect.

This is the real deal. It’s what costume designers use the world over to keep dresses from falling, keep straps in place, etc.  This stuff is heavy duty.

Garment Shields from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. These make it so that no one sees me sweat!

My Le Mystere Bra
 is the BOMB!  Strapless or with straps, this thing does NOT move and you can hook a mic pack on the back of it and not be afraid of it dripping down your back!

And finally, HemingMyWay Fashion Snaps from QVC.  These are indispensable. Use them to quickly hem up a skirt or a pant, close a clutch – the uses are endless.

Here’s a pic of me on the red carpet of the SATC movie premiere in NYC in a Vanessa Bruno dress and Giuseppe Zanotti platform pumps. I am not going to tell you which of these Red Carpet Secrets I am wearing, but I’m sure you can guess!

by Meghan Cleary, author of Shoe Are You?

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