Shopping for Strapless

by Lovely Girl | in The Tell All

Strapless bra

Do you have a good strapless bra? This should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t have one yet, let’s get started. Here are five tips to finding the BEST strapless bra:

1-If you are only buying only one, pick NUDE. It goes under everything.

2-Go seamless with light molding. This will be the best bra under your flimsiest sheer tops and white tanks.

3-Buy the right size. Most women need to go down a band size (smaller) and up a cup size (larger). Very important with strapless as you NEED the support that the smaller band provides since you don’t have straps to rely on.

4-If you are a D or larger, buy a strapless bra from a brand that specializes in large cup sizes. These will be much more supportive for you than a bra created for a size B woman.

5-Take good care of this bra (and all of your bras). Wash it by hand and hang dry.

Strapless bra by Maidenform

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