Sleeping in a Bra?

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Do you sleep in your bra? I asked this question to our Facebook friends and got an overwhelming YES response. I was shocked, amazed, and confused. WHY would you sleep in your bra?

Turns out that a lot of women really do sleep in their bras. I’ve heard about nursing women doing so, but I learned that many large busted women are doing so for comfort. Being without a bra for a period of time (even while lying down) is just not practical or comfortable. Breasts moving every which way isn’t fun, even during sleep. OK, so nursing women and large breasted women, not much of a surprise. But everyone else? Yes! Women are sleeping in their bras out of vanity. They want to keep the perkiness alive and fear that without a bra, their boobs will start heading south forever. I say if the sleep bra helps you fight gravity, go with it!

I turned to a few experts to ask what they knew about sleeping in a bra, and if they thought it was safe.

First, I asked a lactation specialist who knows everything there is to know about nursing women and their breasts. She mentioned that most importantly, it’s a personal preference based on comfort, but she did note that wire bras are not recommended. The wire can lead to plugged ducts, which can be painful and lead to mastitis. She suggested a comfortable, wire-free sleep bra and even mentioned that the bras will help hold nursing pads in place for leaking breasts.

Next, I spoke to the all-knowing bra expert, Linda the Bra Lady. She agreed that a sleep bra was useful for nursing women to help support the extra breast weight and take care of the nursing pad issue. Furthermore, she pointed out that large busted women could also benefit from sleep bras. The bras can work to prevent damage and extra stress on breast tissue by helping breasts stay firm and perky (and maybe even avoiding possible stretch marks).

So what’s wrong with sleeping in your bra? Turns out-nothing. Just pick something comfortable and wireless that helps you get your best sleep and keeps your girls in place throughout the night.

Here are a few of Linda’s sleep bra suggestions:

Wacoal Awareness Seamless Soft Cup Bra (featured above)

Bella Materna Anytime Nursing Bralet

Sleeptop Low Neck Sleep Top Bra

I have also really been liking the Bali Comfort Revolution Smart Size Bra as a comfort/sleep bra since the fabric is very stretchy and it clasps in the back instead of going over the head.

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