All Things Great and Small (Even Women’s Breasts)

by Rachel Felder | in Bra, The Tell All

Good things come in small packages. Even women’s breasts.

Mind you, I didn’t always feel that way. All of me — indeed, including my chest — has always been extra-petite. I was self-conscious about being small well into adulthood, although I’m not abnormally tiny, or even flat-chested for that matter. But finding it hard to get pretty clothes, or fabulously frilly lingerie, was a regular reminder for this fashion-loving shopaholic of being different…and different (particularly as a teenager) doesn’t always feel good.

As for my petite chest, living in a world of celebrities with breast implants and friends with F cups didn’t make things any easier. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate not having massive boobs. Watching a couple friends recover from breast reduction surgery definitely fast tracked that. As did sportsbra shopping with a
generously-endowed girlfriend that had a myriad of concerns about support that I never have to worry about. Getting professionally measured for a bra — and figuring out the brands and styles that best fit my lean frame– has also helped a lot.

Of course, dating men that appreciate my slight dimensions — and actually prefer them over more voluptuous curves — hasn’t hurt either. And one thing I’ve really noticed (here we go back to the age thing) is that my breasts look pretty much the same as they did 20 years ago, which can’t be said for many surgery-free bigger breasts (that typically start to sag a bit as they get older.) I’m still not crazy about getting into a swimsuit, but I’ve come to realize that most people aren’t either (just maybe not because of their bust size.)

I still can’t fit into many styles of bras, and have to shorten every pair of jeans I buy, but I can handle that. Instead of feeling painfully different, now I feel centered and happy in my (petite-sized) skin.

Bra and panty by La Perla

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