Social Shopping for Garters

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

I have been intrigued by Agent Provocateur’s sets ever since a woman once told me that she collects them like museum pieces. She viewed them as pieces of art that she would splurge on once a season and wear for very special occasions. She kept them stored high up on a closet shelf (far away from her kids reach) and never got tired of wearing them, ever. Just looking at the quality of the pieces I can see why she viewed them with such high-priced status, even though they are actually very wearable and extremely well fit.

Like most of the sexy, high-end lingerie brands, Agent Provocateur is having a garter season. After all, women are starting to realize that garters can be worn out of the house under their work/party clothes. Of course you may not be bold enough to wear them out, but you have to admit there is nothing sexier than a thigh high clipped onto a beautiful garter belt fitting snugly around the waist.

When I think of my favorite lingerie items and my favorite stores, I think how great it would be to combine them all into one shopping experience. Well, I’ve heard of a new site that allows you to do just that. Mallzee is a social shopping site that lets you create your own mall, filling it with stores you love and shop at often. Agent Provocateur is the first store going into my mall. Launching in just a few months, I’m excited to see what other brands I can fill the mall with. They may not all be lingerie stores (after all, I need some clothing to go with my bras), but you can bet there will be a handful of designer boutiques with garters and goodies like Agent P.

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