Stay Warm With Heattech

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Since we’re now officially in Winter (although I’ve tried to deny it), it’s time to start dressing for the season. Time for boots (I saw a girl freezing in flip flops today), tights (no more bare legs until Spring) and layering garments. A few years ago I discovered Heattech from Uniqlo. I’m wearing my tank as we speak, so no refresher was necessary.

Gone are the days when men and women have to wear thick waffle long-johns that add bulk to our body and barely fit under our clothes. Uniqlo has changed long-underwear for good! Here are some things I love about their Heattech products:

-It’s made out of the silkiest, softest fabric which combines Cupro (a rayon-like silk substitute), Nylon and Spandex. It washes easily and always retains its shape.

-It comes in a ton of great styles and colors for both men and women.The tops can be worn alone or as layering pieces all year round.

-The pieces aren’t meant to be worn only in Winter, but the fabric absorbs moisture from the body and generates heat.

-The men’s pieces actually help perspiration to evaporate so that they stay dry (and less smelly).

-The women’s pieces have Whey (with natural amino acids) woven into the fabric for a moisturizing effect.

-The line is “green”. Uniqlo estimates that if each member of your household had just one Heattech piece, then we would each be able to lower our thermostats by one degree therefore saving energy around the world.

So you tell me, what’s not to love? It’s high fashion, energy efficient, affordable and delicious to wear!

Women’s Uniqlo Heattech layering tops shown above.

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