Spanx Are Good.

by Maria Ricapito | in Solutions, The Tell All

I’m a firm believer (get it?) in Spanx. I think most of us could agree with the following statement: Spanx are good.

Except when they’re not.

When it’s 98 degrees and 99% humidity–as there was when it was time for my 25th college reunion this summer—sometimes they just aren’t feasible. I attended the reunion with a friend; we’d both packed our Spanx. As we were getting dressed before the big dinner where we’d see everyone, we debated them. My friend said that hers only took about an inch off her stomach, and she was going to wear a light, loose jacket instead. I was melting through every pore, so even if Spanx magically gave me the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel, it would have been impossible to get them on. I tried. I put one leg in up to about the knee and then had to lie down.

That night, in addition to sweating all the product out of my hair and the makeup off my face, I was stuck simultaneously holding in my stomach and attempting to keep the glutes tight in my LBD. When another friend of mine crossed her legs, I saw the telltale elastic peek out from under her hem.

“You’re wearing Spanx!” I cried. “How can you in this heat?” The answer, of course, was that she grew up in Texas. Texas women are tough and a pair of clingy Spanx in Rain Forest-like temperatures was nothing to her. It was something to get over and done with and go out looking fabulous, smiling the kind of big-as-Texas smile that wins beauty pageants.

The bottom line (get it?) is that, when I think of my 25th college reunion, the first thing that comes to mind is that I wish I’d worn my Spanx.

Slimplicity Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit by Spanx

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