Sports Bras 101

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If you have ever worn two sports bras or, even worse, a sports bra over your regular bra, we need to talk. It’s time to find a great fitting sports bra that gives you lift, support and looks great. Here are my expert tips to finding a great sports bra:

1-Do you know your sports bra size? This is even more important than getting fitted for your regular bra. This sports bra will be doing a lot of work, so know your right size!

2-What level of exercise are you doing? High impact requires major support, separation of the girls and breathability in the fabric (plus comfort). Low impact has the same needs, but the “bounce” factor isn’t as relevant.

3-What style sports bra do you like? Do you prefer pullover to a classic bra closure? Do you like padding? Is T-back or racerback more comfortable than shoulder straps? All things to take into consideration when searching for a great bra.

4-Above a D? (most women are!) Buy a sports bra by bra size from brands that make bras. If the brand specializes in full cup sizes, they will give you the best sports bra fit and support. I love Chantelle, Moving Comfort and Athleta for their bra size options.

5-Buy something pretty. These days there are great brands making sports bras in fun colors and prints. You feel good when you wear something pretty, so skip the black and go for some punch.

6-Uniboob is not allowed. Neither is the double bra thing I mentioned earlier. Find a great sports bra brand and style and stick with it.

Gramercy Sports bra in strawberry by Athleta.

Great sports bra retailers:,,,,

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