Spring is Coming, What to Wear Under??

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

I fell in love with this sumptuous Chloe top when I was in the fashion closet of Lucky Magazine a few weeks ago. It feels like clouds and chiffon, all airy and sweet. But it got me thinking, what do you wear under a top like that without screwing up its integrity?

I came up with a few solutions that would work under this and the many other sheer tops you’ll be dreaming of wearing come Spring.

#1-If, and ONLY if, you can go braless, go without..but you MUST have good nipple coverage. I like the disposable ones that will never fall off by Hollywood Fashion Secrets.

#2-A strapless bra is the way to go, but pick a seamless bandeau that doesn’t interfere with the top, like the Maidenform Wire-free bra.

#3-Need to look a bit more respectable? Pick a great seamless tank like this one from Anthropologie. I love the way it reverses from v-neck to crew, since for this top you need a crew for sure.

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