A Mommy Jean Makeover

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

Do you want to have a great butt? Then take a look in the mirror and let me know how your butt looks. If you’re wearing mommy jeans, then you are not going to have the butt you’re hoping for. If you’re asking what mommy jeans are, then we are in big trouble.

Mommy jeans are those jeans that come up so high in the tummy that they give you a seriously long crotch. They are so high in the back that they make your butt look about a foot longer and wider than it really is, with a giant flat space where the pockets are. I know they might be comfortable, but they are not good looking. It’s time to give yourself a jean makeover.

There are so many great jeans on the market that fit real women with curves, post-baby tummies, saggy butts and all. Here’s the key to finding great new mom jeans:

1-Pick a solid, even color jean with little detail. Go for a dark jean if you’re looking to conceal any extra weight (black or dark blue). Choose a light, even grey or blue if you are less concerned with that but want something fashionable. Make sure the color is even throughout, you don’t want any jeans with bleaching, whiskering or fading-the light spots only exaggerate large thighs and butts. You also want very little pocket detail to keep eyes off of your tush. Pick light stitching or clean details like a small logo.¬†Yummie Tummie¬†makes a very clean, cute pair of jeans that look great in blue, black or the grey above. They hug your curves without clinging, and give a sexy designer jean look with a 9″ rise.

2-Shop for your body type. If you’re curvy and you know it, buy curvy jeans. This doesn’t make you large or plus size, it just means you need a little extra room in the hip and thigh, regardless of whether you are a size 2 or 12. The Gap 1969 Curvy Jeans are perfect through the hip and thigh area, where you need the room the most.

3-Do not buy low rise jeans. Low rise jeans aren’t good on your teenage daughter and they aren’t good on you. They are so low that not only do they not hold in your jiggly bits, but they actually create a muffin top. Look for a jean that comes up to the belly button. I love CJ by Cookie Johnson Jeans because they have a 9″ or higher rise which helps hold in your tummy and create a curvy, sexy shape. And the rise is higher in back allowing room for a grown woman’s rear.

4-Stay away from skinny jeans (unless you are thin and very evenly proportioned). Straight leg and bootcut are the most flattering. Bootcut are best if you’re a little larger in the thigh, hip or rear since the wider bottom helps balance your shape. Straight cut are best all around since they even out your shape by keeping the leg consistent. Lucky Brand makes a great Sofia Bootcut Jean that is a little on the sexy side (they come just below the belly button) while still allowing for some curviness.

* Buy your right size (my mantra in life). Don’t squeeze into jeans that are too small. It’s better to try on a few sizes since all brands aren’t the same and pick the best, most flattering fit. Remember that jeans will shrink a lot in the first wash, so don’t have any alterations done until you wash them first. All of the jeans above go up to a waist size of 34 (equal to an 18) and Cookie Jeans has a plus line that ranges from 16W-24W.

Now that you know how to have that great butt you’ve been hiding, let’s go shopping. I don’t want to spend another day in an airport wondering why women don’t want to be their sexiest selves.

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