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Naked Princess

If you want to feel like a princess in the bedroom, luxe fabrics are a must. This stunning, sensual bodysuit is made with a French lace that frames the bustline and skims the shoulders. Bodysuit, $225, by Naked Princess.

Panache Bridal

This Deity stretch-satin body from Panache’s new bridal line is the answer to every bride’s question: What can I wear under my wedding dress? I love solutions, especially when they look as gorgeous and glamorous as this one. (and it goes from size 28-38 D-H, fabulous!) $177 by Panache

How to Wear Leopard

I LOVE this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana animal print swimsuit. It reminds me of something Elizabeth Taylor or Joan Collins would have worn in the heyday of Hollywood. I like the idea of taking a suit like this and thinking of it more as a bodysuit, something that can be …

Beneath the Gown

Each day we wake up and put on our lingerie. Most of the time we don’t give it much thought, but on our wedding day, the rules are a little different. Having the proper undergarments are just as important as finding the perfect dress. Beneath the Gown in Clinton, Connecticut, …

Red Carpet Secrets from Shoe Are You?

Appearing on camera can sometimes be a tricky business — you’ve literally got to be all strapped in, taped up and ready to go so that when the sound guy tries to mic you up, your bra isn’t moving somewhere it shouldn’t be, and if you have to end up …

Pink Petticoat Lingerie Boutique

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get exactly what you wanted for your birthday or bachelorette party? All you have to do is have your bash at The Pink Petticoat in Tampa, Florida, and you just may. Founder and owner Lesley Geyer hosts after hours parties for small groups …


Have you ever put on a pair of hose to realize that there is a huge run in them? You open the drawer only to find that those are your last pair. Drat! Looks like you will have to skip the hose this time around. The ladies at Hoseanna want …

Hosiery With A Bonus

I love that hosiery is back in a big way. Even with spring coming, there is no sign of us all packing away our sheers anytime soon! Did you know that hosiery can also have “special” powers? They aren’t just luxurious and silky, but they can slim, tan and tone …

Aerie’s Concert Bra is Coachella Cool

Being a lover of fashion and intimates, I love when the two worlds collide and innerwear is meant to be seen. Can you imagine how excited I was when I discovered the new Concert Bra from Aerie? This bra is meant to be seen which is why the colors and patterns are so fun and fabulous!

Brooklyn Fox Lingerie

Every day is a special occasion, and the staff at Brooklyn Fox wants to celebrate with you. According to their website, ‘Life itself is occasion enough to put on your best and feel special’. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the store is filled with little gems like the fringe lined Belle …



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