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The Proper Bra Fit for a Leading Lady

As the Senior Vice President and Director of Design at Leading Lady, helping women find their ideal bra fit is both my mission and my passion. Leading Lady’s aim is to be a full service resource for the nursing mom and full figure woman. The collection is designed in terms …

Beneath the Gown

Each day we wake up and put on our lingerie. Most of the time we don’t give it much thought, but on our wedding day, the rules are a little different. Having the proper undergarments are just as important as finding the perfect dress. Beneath the Gown in Clinton, Connecticut, …


Nasrin Hormozi knows first hand how many women are not wearing the proper fitting bra. Before she opened Trousseau boutique in Dallas, Texas, she owned a mini-department store of sorts. She sold everything from linens to children’s clothing and it was here that she discovered that many women were wearing …

Red Daisy Bra

Sports bras aren’t supposed to look this good-until now! There is no reason you can’t have the support of a good sports bra with the look of a sexy, fashion bra. We give it to you all thanks to Red Daisy. $79 sports bra by Red Daisy

My Date With Linda the Bra Lady

My A cups have been growing and growing for months. As a 9-month pregnant lady, I knew I needed help. And it was time to take action! I have sent tons of women to visit Linda the Bra Lady when they have come to me desperate for bra help. This …

Bradelis New York

Bradelis opened their US Flagship store this past week in Manhattan with an event as fun and colorful as their Spring assortment. A brand that has been around in Japan for over 20 years, they specialize in bra fit and a unique Japanese bra fit technique that is different than …


The staff at Purrmission Lingerie believe that shopping for lingerie should be an easy yet luxurious experience. Attention to detail is what sets them apart. Imagine sipping on a nice cup of hot tea or coffee in the morning or a tall glass of champagne or bottle of beer at …

Top Drawer Lingerie

Deep in the heart of Houston, Texas, sits a lingerie store that is out to change the lives of women. So many of us have spent years wearing the wrong kind of bra, and in about 15 minutes, the bra fitting specialists at Top Drawer Lingerie can fix all of …

Tea Rose Bikini

Functional and fabulous is this Tea Rose print bikini from Seafolly. The bra has underwire for support and the bottom is skirted for a little bit of coverage. Flirty and sexy all in one pretty package. Underwire top, $86, and skirted bottom, $65, by Seafolly Swim.

Brooklyn Fox Lingerie

Every day is a special occasion, and the staff at Brooklyn Fox wants to celebrate with you. According to their website, ‘Life itself is occasion enough to put on your best and feel special’. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the store is filled with little gems like the fringe lined Belle …



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