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Sports Bras 101

If you have ever worn two sports bras or, even worse, a sports bra over your regular bra, we need to talk. It’s time to find a great fitting sports bra that gives you lift, support and looks great. Here are my expert tips to finding a great sports bra: …

Surgery of the Wrong Size

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One of my breasts is slightly larger than the other. How do I even them out?

This is so common and perfectly normal! Pick a bra that has a removable pad so you can leave the pad in on your smaller side, and take it out on the other side. The Chantelle Rive Gauche T-Shirt bra is perfect.

12 Panties of Christmas

Like a kid in a candy store, how do I begin to pick my favorite undies of the year? Some are cute, some are sexy, some are seamless, but they are all perfect! I narrowed it down to my top 12 underwear picks of the year. We have been posting …


Journelle may not be new to New York City, but it is new to The Upper East Side. The third NYC location opened recently and we had the pleasure of seeing it for ourselves at their official launch party. As you approach the store from the north, you see a …

Adding Curves to a Boyish Figure

Having a boyish shape is not a bad thing. It simply means you are more straight up and down than other woman and may be lacking in “traditional” female curves. Curvy women think women with boyish figures are lucky, but of course the grass is always greener. Boyish figures have …

Lille Boutique

This unique Portland lingerie store goes far beyond your usual intimate apparel shopping experience. The merchandise is displayed in antique armoires and trunks, all of which are for sale, so it has a very different feel from most intimate’s boutiques.  The shop records customer preferences and wish lists, and e-mails …



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