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A First Bra: Tales from the Chest

Most of us fondly remember our very first bra. It was new and exciting, and wearing it for the first time was empowering! Take my friend Debi, who talked her mother into buying her not the standard white training bra, but one that was covered with bright splashes of hot …


Nasrin Hormozi knows first hand how many women are not wearing the proper fitting bra. Before she opened Trousseau boutique in Dallas, Texas, she owned a mini-department store of sorts. She sold everything from linens to children’s clothing and it was here that she discovered that many women were wearing …

Cotton Eyelet

Cotton Eyelet has never been this sexy, making this perfect for a bridal trousseau. Just in time for a summer wedding, the long-line bra and thong are crisp and fresh as only a summer white can be. Bra, $69, and thong, $44, by Jenna Leigh Lingerie

Coup de Foudre

Just like everyone else in our nation’s Capitol, the ladies at Coup de Foudre are experts at keeping secrets. When you are located four blocks from the White House, and cater to some of the most influential leaders, you kind of have to be! The lingerie shop specializes in all …

Bra and Girl Lingerie Boutique

Once a year, an eager crowd gathers to watch a fashion show featuring the sultry Sugar Shack Burlesque dancers. They are also treated to an erotic poetry reading, live music and an art exposition all as they sip refreshments and enter to win giveaways. Sounds like a scene from a …

Red Daisy Bra

Sports bras aren’t supposed to look this good-until now! There is no reason you can’t have the support of a good sports bra with the look of a sexy, fashion bra. We give it to you all thanks to Red Daisy. $79 sports bra by Red Daisy

The Lady Gaga Bra

If you are the only person out there who doesn’t recognize the fabulous bra that Lady Gaga has been running around in, it’s the Marlies Dekkers bra! Celebs have been showing off the structural beauty for years now, and we are happy to see that real women are doing the …

Cloud Swing Chemise

Beautiful and delicate is the Cloud Swing Chemise by Elle Macpherson. The lace bust and contrasting blue ribbon trim finish off this luxe silk chemise flawlessly. $98 by Elle Macpherson

Late Night Shopping-Aah!

During my recent bouts with insomnia, I’ve discovered yet another reason why late night TV watching can be so satisfying! Shopping for intimates from home and in private is a fun, unintimidating experience. You can buy colorful bras, shapewear pieces, and solution based accessories without noone ever knowing. It’s a …

My Date With Linda the Bra Lady

My A cups have been growing and growing for months. As a 9-month pregnant lady, I knew I needed help. And it was time to take action! I have sent tons of women to visit Linda the Bra Lady when they have come to me desperate for bra help. This …



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