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I’m a man who likes women’s panties. Can you recommend a brand with enough room between the legs?

I hear that Hanky Panky is the one for you. Guys love the Signature Lace Boyshort (which also come in plus size if you are larger than the average woman) and the Signature Lace Retro Hot Pant (which go up to size x-large).

Throwing Out is Hard to do

There are plenty of seemingly complicated things I’m pretty good at: cooking risotto, dj-ing, finding the one extra-marked-down silk bra in my size at a crowded lingerie sample sale.  But when it comes something most people find easy — cleaning out their underwear drawer —  I’ll admit it: I stink. …

Love Your Butt and That’s an Order

His gaze, unwavering; he had spotted his denim-covered prey and eyed it with the precise savagery of a famished tiger. And then the subway car jerked. Score. The man in the business suit propelled toward the perfectly shaped arse in the blue jeans. And I have to admit, as I …

I LOVE A GOOD….Divorce

When most women decide it’s time for a divorce, their first stop is a matrimonial lawyer’s office…or at least cocktails with a trusted girlfriend for much-needed moral support. Me, I headed straight to the lingerie department. Before you jump to any conclusions, I should explain: I wasn’t shopping for underpinings …



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