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The Perfect Pregnancy Jean

In search of the perfect pregnancy jean, I teamed up with the ladies at Destination Maternity. We met up in their fabulous NYC store, which is the mecca of shopping for pregnant…

Are Thigh Highs For You?

I always thought thigh-highs, aka stay ups, were for sexy nights out and sexier nights in. I recently found out that women are wearing these all the time! Turns out, they are the answer to…

Pregnancy Foundations That Work

Since giving birth two times in two years, I’d like to think I have become somewhat of a shopping expert when it comes to foundations for the new (or second time) mom. Here are a few things that I have come to rely on that make life with two under …

Rebecca Minkoff Baby Bag

Hey mommies, you will love this! No need to forgo a fashionable purse for a not so fabulous baby bag. Rebecca Minkoff’s Jodi Baby Bag does double duty. It comes in a great zebra print in durable nylon with lots of necessary pockets for baby gear. Price: $395 available at …



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