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New Year, New Mom

New moms have a lot to celebrate this New Year. In addition to welcoming little bundles of joy into their lives, that is. The Leading Lady style team has found a whole host of cute & supportive underpinnings perfect for a winter soiree, snuggling up to your partner on a …

Sleeping in a Bra?

Do you sleep in your bra? I asked this question to our Facebook friends and got an overwhelming YES response. I was shocked, amazed, and confused. WHY would you sleep in your bra? Turns out that a lot of women really do sleep in their bras. I’ve heard about nursing …

Are Thigh Highs For You?

I always thought thigh-highs, aka stay ups, were for sexy nights out and sexier nights in. I recently found out that women are wearing these all the time! Turns out, they are the answer to…

One Piece Swimsuit, Please!

I consider myself a “less is more” kind of girl when it comes to most things, including makeup, jewelry, home décor and such. A little usually goes a long way, however, as of late, I wouldn’t apply that mantra to swimsuits. Yes, I’m proud that I’ve lost 50 pounds after …

Pregnancy Foundations That Work

Since giving birth two times in two years, I’d like to think I have become somewhat of a shopping expert when it comes to foundations for the new (or second time) mom. Here are a few things that I have come to rely on that make life with two under …

So Long Thongs!

Remember those gorgeous Chantilly lace thongs that you used to wear every single day? Neither do I. Those itsy, bitsy, cutesy thongs are a thing of the past, because, let’s face it, as you get pregnant and your thighs start rubbing together, that dental floss isn’t as comfy as you made …



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