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My Date With Linda the Bra Lady

My A cups have been growing and growing for months. As a 9-month pregnant lady, I knew I needed help. And it was time to take action! I have sent tons of women to visit Linda the Bra Lady when they have come to me desperate for bra help. This …

Sleeping in a Bra?

Do you sleep in your bra? I asked this question to our Facebook friends and got an overwhelming YES response. I was shocked, amazed, and confused. WHY would you sleep in your bra? Turns out that a lot of women really do sleep in their bras. I’ve heard about nursing …

I need a bra for my growing pregnancy boobs. What do you suggest?

You need a bra that is comfortable, stretchy and flexible in size to accommodate your growing pregnancy breasts. I love the Bali Comfort Revolution With Smart Sizes Bra since it is all of those things! And it comes in an easy-to-use sizing system and great colors.

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

So…I’m pregnant (yes, that’s me above!). After talking about bras, underwear and shapewear solutions to women of all body shapes and sizes, I can now talk about pregnancy items and understand what they are really all about. I now know personally that carting around a basketball under your shirt isn’t …



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