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I like to wear leggings but I need a shaper for my tummy. Is there a two in one solution?

Yes, there are great leggings with shapers built in. I love the Knit Shapewear Legging from Yummie Tummie. It’s the perfect body shaping piece that nobody will ever know you’re wearing.

Even Skinny Girls Need Shapewear

Yes, I am indeed a size zero — even a 00 sometimes — but if you think that means my figure’s model-perfect, think again. Underneath all those extra-small designer dresses there’s usually a secret: body shaping shapewear, also in a tiny size, happily, furtively doing its trick. What’s it helping …

The Power of (Pretty) Shapewear

I remember when shapewear shopping was more of a bottom-shelf/brown-paper-bag type of experience. It was truly something you didn’t admit to owning like, maybe, acne cream. I mean, really- have you ever talked to anyone about the pimple-busting (bad choice of words) cream in your cabinet? Exactly. Frankly, I’m not …

Rosamosario Corset

This nude corset dress is the ultimate in sexy shapewear. Wear this under your dress for a fabulous hourglass shape, or alone to look simply stunning. The details are one of a kind. $475 at NET-A-PORTER  

Bridesmaids 101

I have been a bridesmaid at least twenty times and each time (including once last weekend), the mandate has been the dreaded strapless dress.   The bride dictates the dress, shoes, jewels and sometimes even the hairstyles. One thing she never dictates are the undergarments, which are often an afterthought and left …



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