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Bridal Bait and Switch

After a fairytale Paris engagement, setting a date and then finding the perfect gown (Oscar de la Renta), I immediately began to stress about what I would wear underneath my gown. While dresses have never been a problem for me, bras have always been my issue (I’m a DD/E).  So …

Our Stamp of Approval-Hosiery Style

I have always loved great hosiery finds. When I used to travel to Europe as a Fashion Assistant each season for fashion shows, I would go crazy buying up hosiery in all colors and fabrications for amazing prices. We just didn’t have all of those brands here in the states. …

No More VPL

If you didn’t get the memo, VPL means Visible Panty Lines. And if you take a look at your butt in the mirror right now and have any, please keep reading. There used to be a time when panty lines were common, but with all of the technology on the …

I want to wear white pants as long as I can, but I always have panty lines even with a thong. How can that be?

Good for you for bucking the Labor Day end to white. A white jean is always a staple in my wardrobe. A thong, bikini or boyshort are all fine, but the key is to go with something seamless and something nude. Ditch the white panties under white, they always show through. …

Commando Thongs

These seamless microfiber undies from Commando are the perfect panty to battle VPL. And, even if you aren’t a fashion adventurer, underwear is a great place to take a risk with color and pattern. We LOVE these signature low-rise microfiber thongs in every color under the sun. Price: $20 each …



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