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Shopping for Strapless

Do you have a good strapless bra? This should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t have one yet, let’s get started. Here are five tips to finding the BEST strapless bra: 1-If you are only buying only one, pick NUDE. It goes under everything. 2-Go seamless …

Frilly Fashion at JC Penney

Been shopping at JC Penney lately? Me neither. But I may be heading there now. As part of a HUGE effort to become “fashionable”, JCP has been tapping brands that we ladies love to do cute, well-priced collaborations. First on my list is Cosabella and their Amore line. Lace thongs …

Spring is Coming, What to Wear Under??

I fell in love with this sumptuous Chloe top when I was in the fashion closet of Lucky Magazine a few weeks ago. It feels like clouds and chiffon, all airy and sweet. But it got me thinking, what do you wear under a top like that without screwing up …

White Hot…but what’s underneath?

Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez were just two of the women wearing stunning gowns at this year’s Golden Globes show. Along with Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Garner and Amy Poehler, I always wonder how celebrities comes to pick THE dress they end up wearing. Which always leads me to think…WHAT ARE …

Devoted to Comfort

When an “old” brand comes out with something “new”, sometimes magic happens. Take an iconic brand like Maidenform. Add a great new logo, product innovation, and a devotion to women’s comfort-what do you get? The new Comfort Devotion Collection. As a stylist and fashion editor, you know I am all …

A Scandalous Shaping Slip

I’ve found a slip that’s as functional as it is sexy. Made by Scandale, this stunner is an all in one shaping piece with a convertible bra built into the slip. The compression is just where you need it and the smooth fabric keeps even your most unforgiving dresses (think …


Fortnight’s Ophelia set is simple and sweet. With delicate ivory lace against pale green satin, I love the triangle bralette and clean bikini style panty. Bra $69 and panty $48 by Fortnight from Shopbop

Evollove Bra and Panty

I LOVE A GOOD bra for the D-G cup ladies, especially when it looks like this Bird Song Bra and Panty from new line Evollove. It has so many great features, which Journelle has lovingly detailed for us!

In Need of a Sports Bra!?!

There I was in Central Park trying to enjoy a leisurely run when I spotted it out of nowhere. There it appeared without warning, but was steadily accelerating in my direction. I tried to politely divert my eyes and find something else of interest, but I was helplessly drawn back …

A Self-Conscious Miss Texas

My first recollection of feeling bad about my body was immediately after being crowned Miss Texas. I walked by the judges’ section and a woman named June, who was head of a beauty company, and had just voted for me, told me to work on the beginnings of my cellulite …



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