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In Need of a Sports Bra!?!

There I was in Central Park trying to enjoy a leisurely run when I spotted it out of nowhere. There it appeared without warning, but was steadily accelerating in my direction. I tried to politely divert my eyes and find something else of interest, but I was helplessly drawn back …

Red Daisy Bra

Sports bras aren’t supposed to look this good-until now! There is no reason you can’t have the support of a good sports bra with the look of a sexy, fashion bra. We give it to you all thanks to Red Daisy. $79 sports bra by Red Daisy

I like to go for a morning run but never have a pocket for keys or money. Doesn’t someone make a sports bra that solves this problem?

Body Rock makes a great sports bra with perfectly placed pockets to solve this problem. And they come in super fun colors and prints!

I’m a B cup. Is it ok to wear my strapless bra for a gym workout?

It’s much better for your breasts and breast tissue to wear a sports bra that gives the required support. Plus, the fabric will wick away moisture for breathability and will handle laundering better. Try this DKNY Wirefree Sports Bra, a cute alternative to a strapless bra.

A Sports Bra Manifesto

Let me start this on an honest note. Not that others haven’t been honest. I just.. well..moving on. I devote maybe 40 minutes a week to an athletic activity. Notice the word “maybe”. That being said, I do understand the importance of a good sports bra brand (specifically when you’re a …

Sports Bra for the D+ Girls

It’s exciting when any new, fun, colorful product comes out on the market, but when it comes out specifically for the D-H woman, then it’s an event! Panache has just launched their gorgeous new sports bra available in size 28-40 D-H. It’s beautiful and colorful (comes in black, white, gray …

A Sports Bra Miracle

I like to stay active-catch a few yoga classes a week, drag myself to the gym, and take a daily walk with my dog. What I don’t like is having my boobs slap me in the face with every move I make.  Thankfully, ILOVEAGOOD and Freshpair came to the rescue …



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