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The Perfect Pregnancy Jean

In search of the perfect pregnancy jean, I teamed up with the ladies at Destination Maternity. We met up in their fabulous NYC store, which is the mecca of shopping for pregnant…


Shopbop.com has been a favorite place of mine to get inspired and educated in the world of intimates. They are a go-to source for staple brands like Spanx, Calvin Klein Underwear and Donna Karan, a destination for high end brands such as Kiki de Montparnasse and Myla, and a place …

Intimately Free People

Free People has long been a shopping destination for cool girls who love trendy fashion. Since it’s all about layering, they start you out with amazing intimates before moving you into awesome outfits and fab accessories. Intimately Free People carries favorite brands such as Zinke, Mara Hoffman and Nightcap along …

Ballet Slipper

I’m at home feeling like Audrey Hepburn of Roman Holiday in my fabulous Jacques Levine Slippers. I don’t often lounge in what I’m writing about, but I just couldn’t help myself this time. Whether you prefer pink, red, or leopard print (or a multitude of other colors), they have exactly …


For all of you in the LA area who are as in love with ERES as we are, you’re in luck. They recently opened a much larger store in Beverly Hills on Dayton Way. The ERES store has always felt like a little jewel box, filled with colorful swimsuits and …

Lounge Lover

To cure your “winter chill” you must try the cardigan and stirrup leg warmers from Lounge Lover. There is nothing more cozy than wrapping up in luxury when you need a little warmth this season. $172 and $49 by Lounge Lover


Emotion Meets Perfection Fogal recently opened a new Manhattan flagship on the Upper East Side. Since Fogal has always been known as a luxury hosiery brand, I expected to find gorgeous legwear in a wide range of colors. They surpassed my expectations with amazing opaques, knit tweeds and sexy sheers. …

Does Your Underwear Drawer Need a Makeover?

As part of my New Year, New You challenge‚ĶI have a big one that I don’t know if you can handle. Tell me when (honestly) is the last time you cleaned out your underwear/bra drawer?

From time to time, I admit, I have also fallen victim to the dreaded lingerie drawer.

Lace Camisole

When innerwear is as pretty as this lace camisole, we question why it has to be hidden? Wear it under your cardi or jacket, but please let some peek out. The color and texture are just too pretty to hide. $70 at Free People

Pearl G String

Ever since Samantha on Sex and the City rocked a pearl thong, women everywhere have thought about what they would be like. Well, they are fabulous! The lace is beautiful and the pearls are genuine freshwater, so if you’ve been wondering-I say go for it! $136 Pearl Thongs by Myla



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