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I LOVE a Good T-Shirt

I love a good t-shirt. Yup, that’s what started my fashion career. My love for a good ‘ol white v-neck was the beginning of my clothing line, Nation LTD. Six years, 13 employees, and a healthy-sized HR manual later, I have a full collection distributed in 22 countries. I didn’t …

Lamb & Flag New Store and Website

11/11/11. Rockin’ NEW retail concept Lamb & Flag launches TODAY online and in store. Here at ILOVEAGOOD, we have a Shop Talk section that features intimates stores across the US & Canada. So why then, is this not in the Shop Talk section, you ask? We’ve included this launch story …

10 Fall Essentials

Here are 10 things that should be on your must-have list for fall. These are the basics (and little luxuries) that will make the transition into fall a little easier. The great thing about these pieces is that you can really wear them alll year round, even the sweater jacket …

A Guy and His Nipples

As an intimates insider, I get asked all sorts of questions from women about product relating to them. I also get asked great questions about their male partners. Women always think their guys should be wearing undershirts, but the guys don’t always agree. I was reading my TheUndershirtGuy.com, (who could be …

Workout Essentials

Hey guys, next time “not having the right gear” prevents you from going to the gym, check again. Here are five essentials you need to have in your underwear drawer. Ladies, this one’s for the boys, but there’s nothing wrong with you adding these to his drawer for some gym …

Man Boobs No More

When men’s shapewear first hit the market, it was their ab-smoothing ability to “turn a beer belly into a six pack” that made them an overnight (and even during the day!) sensation. Guys finally had the quick fix that has been giving women an “instant hourglass” figure for years.  But …



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