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Aerie’s Concert Bra is Coachella Cool

Being a lover of fashion and intimates, I love when the two worlds collide and innerwear is meant to be seen. Can you imagine how excited I was when I discovered the new Concert Bra from Aerie? This bra is meant to be seen which is why the colors and patterns are so fun and fabulous!

You Match Your Bra to What?

I used to have a roommate who was slightly obsessed with matching her bra to her outfit, no matter how difficult it was to find a match. I remember being on the hunt for a coral bra to match this unusual colored coral top she once had. It was slightly …

I like to go for a morning run but never have a pocket for keys or money. Doesn’t someone make a sports bra that solves this problem?

Body Rock makes a great sports bra with perfectly placed pockets to solve this problem. And they come in super fun colors and prints!

Colored Sock

I love a good colored sock! What is a more fun accessory to add some color to your outfit? Whether you want to hide them under your pants or wear them with little shorties, they are a great way to show some personality-especially come Spring. $22 a pair by Falke

I’m looking for a great everyday hipster style panty, any suggestions?

Frederick’s of Hollywood has these great hipsters in tons of colors at a great price. They lay flat under your clothes and are very soft to the touch and easy to care for. I also love their allover lace boy short which is in more of a hipster style.

My daughter wants her first bra to be padded, but I don’t want her to look silly. Is there a good first bra with just a little padding?

CK One makes a great cotton push-up bra that looks sweet, works well as a t-shirt bra and has light padding in the cup to make her feel more confident.

A First Teen Bra

Whether you are the teen who needs their first bra, or you are the mother of this newly developed young woman, this is a very important moment in any girl’s life. There are a few different scenarios here, and they are all sensitive, so tread carefully.

My daughter needs her first bra, where can I shop for a 12 year old?

Maidenform Girl has the solution for her. They are cute and colorful, and are not intimidating in size or style. They all have a little bit of molding so she has coverage and are well priced. Pick wireless or wire depending on the support she needs. They are the perfect …

Custom Sneakers

There is nothing more personal than a customized holiday gift. These colorful sneakers from New Balance can be fully customized from top to bottom; you can even add embroidery on both of the heels. Perfect for any man, woman or teen in your life. Best part is that they show …

Minimize These!

Also known as Mosquito Bites and Fried Eggs You are likely wondering what these two things have to do with lingerie, but for my sister and I, the connection is burned in our childhood memories. When my boobs came in at the ripe old age of ten, my father took …



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