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Luxe Organic Cotton

Can you believe this beauty is organic cotton? Mixed with Leavers Lace, this shows that cotton truly can be gorgeous and luxe. Underwire bra and bikini panty by Lili Piache

LOU Dandy

Want to look beautifully femme without feeling too girlie? The masculine-feminine styling on this LOU Paris bra and panty set makes it a Dandy lingerie choice! Bra and panty from LOU

Botanical Chemise

This delicate cotton chemise by BedHead is just like the NY Botanical Gardens in summer-vibrant, colorful and sweet. I love the cool colors and lightweight fabric with just a hint of support under the bustline. $98 by BedHead Pajamas

Social Shopping for Garters

I have been intrigued by Agent Provocateur’s sets ever since a woman once told me that she collects them like museum pieces. She viewed them as pieces of art that she would splurge on once a season and wear for very special occasions. She kept them stored high up on …

Juicy Charm

Ridiculously cute and cozy, I love this sateen oversized top and short from Juicy Couture. This is what happens when the ultimate in sweet meets sexy. Juicy Couture Charm Pajamas from Shopbop

Which Bikini Line Are You?

I took a recent trip to Bliss…the blissful place I like to visit for treatments anytime I can spoil myself for a brief moment. Bikini waxing has been popular for years, but women still can’t actually “talk” about what they want their bikinis to look like. To make it easy, …

A Self-Conscious Miss Texas

My first recollection of feeling bad about my body was immediately after being crowned Miss Texas. I walked by the judges’ section and a woman named June, who was head of a beauty company, and had just voted for me, told me to work on the beginnings of my cellulite …

The Proper Bra Fit for a Leading Lady

As the Senior Vice President and Director of Design at Leading Lady, helping women find their ideal bra fit is both my mission and my passion. Leading Lady’s aim is to be a full service resource for the nursing mom and full figure woman. The collection is designed in terms …


Picture this. Moroccan rugs line a blue and white tile floor. Plush, velvet curtains hang from the ceiling as you lounge on a pink sofa. You get up to peruse beautiful lingerie neatly organized in glass display cases. Doesn’t that sound a lot like Paris in the 1920s? Well guess …

What Bra Size Are You Wearing?

(Click here to see Jenny Altman’s video on How to Measure for Your Bra Size) This is the big question of the day. Think hard and be honest. And don’t feel the need to yell it out loud. What clothing size are you? I want you to think about how you …



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