Taking Stock(ings) in H&M

by Rachel Felder | in Solutions, The Tell All

I confess that I’m marginally obsessed with sheer black stockings — not tights or pantyhose, but those old school, deliciously semi-transparent tubes of nylon that end around mid-thigh.  Particularly, that is, if they come from H&M.

Yes, I count on H&M for the legwear to accessorize my $800 Louboutin slingbacks and investment Lanvin dresses. And why not?  Honestly, this bargain retailer’s hosiery looks and feels as smooth and gauzy as more expensive brands…and, since I tend to inevitably gash it with a table leg (or, um, my fingernail) within the first couple wearings, I’d rather spend under ten bucks than make a real investment.

Why stockings instead of tights?  Well, they always make you feel sexy in a classic Hollywood sort of way, even if you’re wearing them with a formal skirt at an uptight business meeting.  And they’re great for the summer, since they’re much, much cooler than traditional pantyhose.  As someone who’s extra petite (in other words, very short), I find they tend to fit me better than tights too, since you can adjust the height a smidge to alleviate any droopy folds are your ankles. Oh yeah, and as you’d imagine, guys love ’em.

H&M does two versions of stockings: traditional ones to wear with a garter belt, and stay-ups, which are topped with a lace-covered elastic band to support them.  I actually prefer the former — an excuse for another layer of something pretty and feminine — but (unlike some brands’ versions) the other kind really do stay up, plus they’re simply easier if you’re running to get dressed on a busy morning.

I like plenty of H&M’s trendier things too, particularly the cute little jackets they tend to do each season.  But for me, it’s become the “go-to” store for everyday stockings, happily at a buy-them-by-the-dozen price.

Image provided by H&M

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