Late Night Shopping-Aah!

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

During my recent bouts with insomnia, I’ve discovered yet another reason why late night TV watching can be so satisfying! Shopping for intimates from home and in private is a fun, unintimidating experience. You can buy colorful bras, shapewear pieces, and solution based accessories without noone ever knowing. It’s a fascinating part of HSN. No wonder Rhonda Shear has become a household name!

The top five intimates brands on HSN are Rhonda Shear, Yummie Tummie, Skweez Couture, Wacoal and Pure Style Girlfriends. When I asked why this category has been so successful for women nationwide, I got a great answer that didn’t surprise me at all:

‘Let’s face it, not every woman loves to go to a store and rummage through racks of bras with strangers—that’s part of the reason intimates has been such a successful category for us. Shopping for intimates is a personal experience and we like to keep that top of mind as we curate a wide variety of intimates for every woman in every size. Basic briefs to bold bras to slimming shapewear, all are accessible on her personal terms, from her home, her mobile device or wherever and whenever she feels most comfortable shopping.’ –Lauren Wilner, HSN VP, Fashion Director & Lifestyle Merchandising

It was an “aha” moment for me (just like the “Ahh” bra shown above with Rhonda Shear)!

And who says there’s nothing to watch at 4am?

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