The Day Has Come, My Baby Has Boobs

by Aliya | in Bra, The Tell All

Where did the time go? One minute you’re changing her diaper and the next minute you’re giving her your car keys. She may always be your baby, but baby’s don’t have boobs. As parents, we have to take a deep breath and remember that life happens. It’s our job to support our kids, and make every life event the most positive. You made sure your daughter had the perfect pink tutu for her dance recital and now you will help her find the perfect bra.

Make shopping for her first bra a special experience. If possible, take her to a lingerie boutique or a better department store to be fit. I know you want to put her in a full coverage, minimizer bra, but she’s not going to want any part of that. There are great new styles that will meet all her needs; coverage, comfort, and style. Alternately, if you don’t have access to a store with a fit expert you can always measure at home and shop online.

For the young ladies that need a petite or average sized bra, Calvin Klein and DKNY offer comfortable supportive styles. These brands offer great lightweight bralettes, t-shirt bras and strapless bras with light molding for modesty. Barely There has a great front-close wire-free bra with concealer petals built in and a wide back band for a smoothing effect. Front close bras are a great option for anyone who has difficulties maneuvering the back closure.

For the young and well-endowed, there are great brands like Fantasie, Goddess and Cleo by Panache that offer bras specifically for sizes D and above. They have a full range of styles and sizes that come in basics and vibrant colors and prints. You want to make your daughter feel proud that she is full-busted, and give her solutions that are as fun as those of her small-busted peers.

Once you have helped your daughter purchase her new beauties, make sure she understands that bras are meant to be worn every day. She needs to know which bra is for which outfit and how to take care of them after wearing. Hopefully during this time spent together, you have had a chance to bond and have taught her a valuable life lesson about her new undergarments. Your daughter will be grateful for the assistance and she won’t have to be the last girl to leave the locker room because she looks like she’s wearing grandma’s foundations.

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