The Lake & Stars Pop-up Store

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I spent yesterday afternoon with the fabulous Maayan of The Lake & Stars. I was visiting her at her installation/pop-up store located at the BOFFO space in NYC. It was like visiting a lingerie store inside of an exclusive museum, very cool.

It is only there for two weeks (finishing up on 11/23) and is inside a custom store-space built by the design firm SOFTlab to exemplify what the brand is all about. Highlighting their amazing new sneaker collaboration with Nike were custom-made mannequins (based off of what the designers would look like through the eyes of David Lynch). The space was a small, white glossy tunnel with mannequins lining one side (each wearing a selected look from the new and previous seasons) and new merchandise lining the other. It was great to see it all in one place! Unfortunately you TL&S fans know that you can often only find pieces here and there, which is a real shame. Here it was all together-gorgeous bras, high-waisted panties, open back hosiery, and nightshirts-for you to touch and feel in person.

The collection is always a work of wearable art. Beautiful fabrics with unique closures make it a fashion-forward brand that is hard to find in the world of lingerie. Maayan and her partner Nikki always add a humorous twist to the brand, selling “sleepover toothbrushes” in the store and hosting a “morning after makeover” this Saturday from 4-7. We can’t wait until they open their own store one day so that we can be part of their witty aesthetic more permanently.

This week they are getting a lot of press regarding their new mother/daughter lingerie campaign. Some of the press has not been positive, but for TL&S, that doesn’t matter…you have to have fun when you’re selling lingerie.

Take a look at the campaign and tell me what you think about it. Too racy? Gorgeous? Thoughts?

The Lake & Stars
57 Walker Street, NYC
Open from 12-7 until 11/23

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