Bloomingdale’s-The Big Reveal

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

You know I love anything that makes shopping for intimates fun and informative, so I was excited to see Bloomingdale’s new Intimate Apparel Guide launching this week. Talk about gorgeous…wow…where do I begin?

First off is the Bra-Tannica which is their witty guide to anything and everything you needed to know about bras. When to dump them, how to wash them and how to shop for new ones.

They also break down the bras by mood. With funny taglines and beautiful product, it’s a personal guide to what we all need in our bra wardrobe. I’d like to shop for a few in each of these groups. The categories include:

Always in the mood?-The Sexy Bra

Get picked up without even trying-The Push-Up Bra

Are you in a supportive relationship?-The Underwire Bra

Who’s that smooth operator?-The Contour Bra

And don’t miss out on the great bottoms, too. The Flirty Undies and The Pretty Pairs show you that it’s time to replace your boring old undies with animal print, neon and colored lace. We love any guide that inspires that!


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