Are Thigh Highs For You?

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

I always thought thigh-highs, aka stay ups, were for sexy nights out and sexier nights in. I recently found out that women are wearing these all the time! Turns out, they are the answer to a petite woman’s nightmare (tights that are tall enough to cover their breasts), a tall woman’s disaster (they always fall down) and a pregnant woman’s dream (nothing over the tummy!).

I can speak personally as a pregnant, petite woman who has just found the miracle in hosiery she has always been searching for. On my maternity hunt, I kept finding tights that had too much compression in the tummy, weren’t long enough to go over the bump, and kept digging in exactly where I didn’t want them to. I searched and searched for tights…and found….thigh-highs! I love the sheer, opaque, and knit varieties and can wear them all without worrying about the dig-in. They also make the frequent bathroom trips a million times less inconvenient!

Great for petite and tall women, too, I also found that stay-ups are a great option for women who love their shapewear. If you love your high-waisted panty, no need to double up on shapewear and hosiery, just wear your shaping piece with the thigh-high and you’re comfortable and covered.

So yes, the answer is thigh-highs for all! Even my pregnant self. I had to share my secret find with all of you, so feel free to pass it on.

Opaque microfiber thigh-highs from Philippe Matignon

Swiss dot satin sheer stay ups by Fogal

Falke’s Grand Pepita patterned stay ups (I also love their ribbed knit option)

Glamorous Stay Up dotted sheers by Wolford



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